My hiptop apps

READ ME FIRST To load any of these applications on your hiptop / sidekick you will need a dev/prod key loaded on your phone. The key can be obtained by request from after you make a developer account. Every key is unique so i could give you mine but it will not work, so dont ask :)... Follow all the directions on the danger site and then grab a bundle!
Source is now available!
Fine print: Donations are accepted

Source Downloads: Yahoo | Matrix | Massager

Y! Messenger
This is only my second (hiptop) application and it is currently beta. It uses a really, really stripped down version of jymsg9 library by FISH. Please note that you will need a dev key loaded onto your phone to upload the bundle.

Screen shots



Message pane

User selection

Main menu

Y! Messenger v0.1.9 - Some bugs fixed - 5/11/04
Tmobile color | Edge | Candw | Fido | Eplus | Suncom

Video Player
This is a video player i have been working on for awhile!! I finally got it working tonight all except for the audio (ill get that tomorrow). This is an ALPHA class app so you may have to reboot your phone after viewing :). The video is included (174k - this is why the bundle is so large) it is part of the Aliens vs. Predator trailer.
Use this application at your own risk, I do not guarantee that it wont blow-up your sidekick.

Screen shots

No matter

who wins

we lose

Player - Alpha 3

Massager - for your neck
This application runs massage programs utilizing the vibrate function of the hiptop. This release only contains one program (i call it sine) others will be available in the non-beta version. I also have plans to make online updates available so users can get new programs at their leisure.
Update 5/14/04 - 4 selectable programs are now available via the drop down list
Use this application at your own risk, I do not guarantee that it will solve any problem you may have.

Screen shots



Matrix Screen Saver?
This displays the famous falling code from the movie of the same name

Screen shots



MatrixSS v1.0.1

This is just a blit test application..

Tiedye v1.0.0 - Really works the cpu!